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Sheyi Shay Finally Speaks Up On Her Fight With Tiwa Savage



Sheyi Shay, a Nigerian Idol judge, has spoken out about her recent battle with Tiwa Savage at a Lagos salon.

On Tuesday, the popular singer opened up about the controversy that erupted between herself and Tiwa Savage.

Seyi Shay told the Pulse that she is still startled by her colleague’s reaction and that she cannot think Tiwa’s actions are related to Kizz Daniel’s viral ‘Fvck you’ challenge song, which she (Shay) participated in.

Sheyi Shay claimed that when she (Shay) visited the salon, she welcomed Tiwa kindly, to which Tiwa returned cordially until the drama erupted 20 minutes later.

“I stepped into the salon, saw Tiwa, and felt the tension, so I got up because I could see everyone staring at her and at me, and I won’t let them feed on what isn’t there.

“So, I got up and tapped her on her shoulder and said hi, she was under the drier, she said oh hi, how are you and we exchanged pleasantries and I went back to my side where I was having a conversation with the shop owner.

“And 20 minutes later, Tiwa came and the drama started. I was so confused and I just said okay and she kept shouting calling me a bitch and talking about the Fvck you challenge

“We had met before and even taken pictures and she didn’t for once act like that, so I don’t want to believe it was the Fvck you challenge.”

As NEWS DIRECT earlier reported, Tiwa had during the incident hurled obscenities at Sheyi Shay.

She said she had not forgotten what Sheyi and Victoria Kimani

  • had done to her in the past.

    Recall that two years ago, Sheyi Shay and Victoria released their covers of Kizz Daniel’s hit song, ‘F**k You’, where they had both dissed Tiwa.

    In her lyrics, Seyi Shay said, “You know I’m not Savage, I pay my bills.”

    Victoria Kimani, on her part, accused Tiwa of prostitution and blocking her from a show.

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