ENDSARS: North will go to war over Buhari — President of Arewa Consultative Forum

Yerima Shettima, has said that the North will go to war if, the southern region of Nigeria tries to remove President Muhammadu Buhari from government using the ongoing nationwide and international #EndSARS protest launched spontaneously by the Nigerian youths against police killings, police brutality, bad governance and other pressing issues.

According to him, the whole protest is to shortchange the north from completing their tenor in government leadership.

While speaking with journalists in Minna, Shettima claimed that the Southern region of Nigeria is trying to shortchange the north which, according to him, was what happened after the death of Yar-Adua, the late Ex-President of northern extraction.

He claimed the north is primed for war should Buhari be kicked out of government for bad governance that has become the reality on the country since the administration came onboard.

According to him, “Since 1999, the South has been cheating us as regards to the office of the president.

“When Obasanjo was the President, nobody disturbed him until after his complete eight years in office.

“Immediately our brother took over, they went against him until he died. Instead of using another Northerner to complete his tenure, they forced Jonathan on us.

“Now our brother Buhari is in power again, they are using everything against him forgetting that we still have 8 years after his tenure to equal that of Jonathan and Obasanjo.

“The point is that we the Northerners are not going to allow it. We will go to war if the protesters ever demand for Buhari to resign or an end of Nigeria like some of them are doing in Anambra State.”

It would be recalled that millions of Nigerians as well as those in the Diaspora have taken to the streets under the #ENDSARS protests to condemn the incessant killings of the youths by the police.

They are also demanding for good governance among several other demands. The protests have gained international attention as well as support and solidarity, with many foreigners endorsing the protests.

Although the police have effected a swift reform of the system, the efforts have been rejected by the protesters who have said that the moves are inadequate.

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    1. Heyii you man you don’t have future have you been paid to be saying that rubbish do you really have future are you blind can’t you yerima published something that can help you help family help your future generations your going to war with who fool your people are diein just for noting over the Boko and you try to convince who to hell with you man!

  1. War is welcome here in the south, it will actualize our call for separation sooner than expected. Let each region go on it’s own

    1. You not a true Nigerian mr poster. Who wants to take over a country you northerners has rubish and it has nothing to write home about. For me you are the most useless and stupid human existing on planet earth right now. Pls man go get yourself some sense at a sense mall.

  2. Shetima the North is dying every day in the hands of Bokoharam, you haven’t gone to war over that, but you want to go to war over someone who doesn’t know if you exist. Do you know the meaning of war? Have ever seen death, or being within the labyrinth of death? Go and ask a soldier. Talk us cheap, but action very expressive. Prepare for the war and don’t run into Niger Republic when it starts.

  3. I don’t under stand this northern stuff are there not Christians in the north? our father’s make a mistake by going to Biafra war but now you will be the one to go to the war.northern Christians will no do that mistake again to go and fight their brothers.

    1. Oga Shettima, I don’t know how old u were during the Nigeria/Biafra war in 1966 – 70. If Mallam were of age that time, with due respect Sir, u dare not mention or suggest for any brotherly or ethnic war again in Nigeria. War is not a friend or relation to anyone. “Bullet” No get friend..

  4. shetima thanks be to God that you know reasons why youths are protesting, and stated it clearer. You know clearly that the governance is bad and that every aspect of government is corrupt. Shettima you speak like fools, the truth is that you are one of the problem the northerners have on the ground, which northern youths must sweep away such blind leaders that is playing politics with the lifes of the youths in the northern of so-called Nigeria. Youths your futures are not what they’re interesting. They only interested for them selves and their families.

  5. To me, this is hate speech and this man should be incarcerated and prosecuted accordingly. Shettima Yerima,so of all the things to say or do in order to ameliorate the conditions of your people it’s war you want them to go. My question is: are you proposing war so that more people can die or to better their lives? Have you ever said anything about Book Haram, Southern Kaduna crisis or Herdsmen killings in Nigeria? So, at your age, you can’t different between good and evil.people are fighting a just cause and You’re bringing politics to spoil the minds of the people, Mr Yerima, you’re a very wicked man. So this is what they’ve sent you to do? Your entrusted you with that possible to speak positively for them and not to bring to them shame, disgrace, bloodshed etc. As for the people of the South especially The southeast and South South are ready. Just start it and we’ll do well to end it for you, but you’ll have to lead the war in the north.

  6. But you should tell government, people are suffering, we need control price,reduce oil price
    Provide adequate securities please, we have never experience such difficulties in life.

    Either cristan or Muslim should rule this nation

  7. That man is a fool and the country must divid if them like it or not, who buhari help, go and solve boko-haram issue that is affecting northerns, if you people are not benefiting from Igbo’s,why still holding one Nigeria, Igbo’s can live better life with only business,
    Yerima Shettima you’re idiot

  8. How can a right thinking man, make such a statements.did he knows what the west and south east are passing through in the hands of the so call SARS and how the innocent life of young man has been cut short by the so called SARS he should have traveled to East or West and see the atrocities of the dreaded SARS.

  9. Yerima Shettima must be a very selfish man to be thinking of war with the south and west. What is the level of educated individuals in the north. I don’t blame him, he gets his own share of the booty frm this government thus forgetting majority of his uneducated kinsmen that beg on the street . Let him know that we are not against Buhari or North but against bad governance n we are not agitating forBuharis removal but for a chance to live as every other well meaning Nigerian children.


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