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11 Things Wrong At Abba Kyari’s Burial Including A Shallow Grave

1- First they broke lockdown rules by flying him from Abuja to Lagos.

2- Then they treated him privately at First Cardiology in Ikoyi despite isolating other positive members of the public in the isolation centre.

3- Then they flew his COVID 19 positive body back to the Federal Capital Territory for burial.

4- Then they released his body for burial contrary to what Lai Mohammed said that COVID 19 dead bodies cannot be released for burial.

5- Then almost 500 – 1000 people gathered for the burial effectively breaking Federal Government rule that not more than 20 or even 50people can gather at a point in time.

6- Then, they dug a shallow grave for the body in the centre of town, Gudu cemetery.

7- And some there neither wore masks or any other PPE especially the gravediggers.

8- A man in Green native without PPE even touched the body whilst helping the workers in PPE.

9- Some workers in PPE were even seen touching their faces and goggles after touching the body with some’s clothes visibly running the dead body under from their PPE as they lowered the body into the shallow grave.

10- And the body was buried in just white traditional robes. No protection nothing for the people, or the environment.

11- No accounting for or planning that everyone at the burial must self isolate for 14 days after the burial.

How is this leading by example? How does a government make the rules and then shamelessly break the rules on National Television for all to see.

Abuja should brace for impact in the next 14days.

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  1. I doubt if what they buried is actually Abba Khyari. The so called chief of staff did not die in nigeria.

  2. Late Abba kyeri his a chief of staff to the president and Commander of arm for forces, pls note that ,his not an ordinary like you and I ,pls ovoid did kind of selective reasonable thinking, Allah ya sadashi da rahamarsa amin ,we lost a person that we can’t who he is but soon you know who he is after

    1. When I see poor comment like this I am always disappointed you don’t even know what the story is all about

  3. All we see at the burial of Abba Kyarri are just stations of lies to be covered. That grave cant fully take that coffin if anything more than ash is there. Less precurssions because no corona infested object is in that place

  4. Nigerians are good law makers but they don’t live by the law they make.
    Only the poor faces the full wrath of the law.
    We don’t have leaders in this country l don’t see leaders in Abuja, all I see in Abuja are dealers who are working tirelessly to make profit! Rubbish people.

  5. This reminds me of one novel and that is “ANIMALS FARM ” our leaders are just proving the author right.

  6. May Allah forgive him his shortcomings and protect all he left behind.But social distancing is not observed here.I’m suggesting that everybody here should be quarantined.

  7. This is government of fake and clown people they are not reliable nor dependable it high time we rise to revolutions against this heartless party and there members

  8. God Almighty Allah will Judge each an every deed whether rich, powerful or poor.No sinner will go unpunished.its a pity that Nigeria lacks leaders but dealers.I regret 2015 election.God will judge

  9. Ohhh Allah protect him from any bad condition…. And assist him to answer any question on the graves

  10. Kai we r finished,what a stupidity is is this so ncdc could not relilised a guide line on that effect very sad

  11. There is no any amount of prayers that can work for the dead , judgement is next after death what you did before dying determine what your judgment will look like, there is no room for repentance after death therefore dead body can’t be forgiven, 419 government, anyone that die without Jesus been his Lord and savior is a useless dead body. Jesus is Lord repent before it too late.

  12. If is human being that is buried there at least six feet or four feet is OK but na something else they inside the box

  13. May Allah 4gve mallam Abba kyari and grant him everlasting rest, talking of burying him in white cloth,dis is d teaching of his religion and he will not be buried with d coffin but him alone inside d white cloth. And those people seen there, I pray Almighty Allah 2 protect them 4rm d deadly Corona virus and those affected and under isolation may Allah heal them all. Aameen ya rabbal alamin. Ya Allah bring an end 2 dis disease and 4gve ol departed souls

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