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“I’m Confused”: Nigerian Lady Worried as Boyfriend Credits Her N500k After She Saw Him Cheating on Her

A Nigerian lady said she doesn’t know whether or not to forgive her boyfriend after he sent her N500k to apologise

She had paid him a surprise visit and left heartbroken after she caught him cheating on her with someone else

Before she could block his phone number, he not only credited her with half a million but made her a promise

A Nigerian lady named Precious has been thrown into a state of confusion after her boyfriend credited her with half a million for catching him cheating.

Precious said on Twitter that she paid him a surprise visit following his return from a trip and entered his house with a spare key.

The lady is confused. Photo Credit: RealPeoplePhoto, Lona Studio, Bloomberg Source: Getty Images

Quite to her disappointment, Precious found him cheating on her and stormed out of the house in tears.

Precious said she ‘cried her balls out’ and was about to block his phone number on getting home when a message came in.

Precious’ boyfriend made it up to her

The message was from her boyfriend. He said he has sent her N500k to say sorry and promised to do better.

“To cut the long story short I got home I was about blocking him when I saw “baby I’m so sorry pls check your phone I just sent you 500k take it for all the tears you’ve lost tonight, I promise to do better,” Precious wrote.

The lady said the message healed her broken heart immediately and left her confused over whether or not to forgive her man.

See her post below:

People share their thoughts on Praise’s relationship dilemma

@omotolani_Adeyi said:

“He buys your forgiveness today, the amount he gave is not the story line, he will buy your forgiveness another day because he knows you’re there mainly for the money. One thing you should know is, he has been in touch with the lady you caught him with since way back.”

@kabughoesther5 said:

“Just let him double the amount and you forgive. When you catch him again, let him triple the amount and life goes on.”

@abbey_aluko said:

“At least you fulfilled your mission surprising him and you also even got surprised… A win win situation.”

@cherrychila57 said:

“So u just poured soup away anyways don’t break up with him ,keep going to his house uninvited so baba will continue bursting u 500k.”

@___myfave said:

“You don’t have a choice but to forgive, then start crying again in the morning for another 500k for morning tears allowance.

“If you need help, I can cry and sniff loudly.”

@chubbiano said:

“U get mind waste pot of soup in this government, na efcc I suppose tag, what impetus, but 1 cheating = 500k, u no like start biz? Imagine cheating 4 times, u don get soft 2 milly. Over to u.”

Lady heartbroken as boyfriend collects N5m to end their relationship

Meanwhile, News Direct previously reported that a lady was heartbroken as her boyfriend received N5 millionto dump her.

Miracle claimed that her mother presented a huge sum of N5 million to her ex so he can put an end to their relationship.

The relationship eventually hit the rocks as the young man accepted the money and broke up with her. She disclosed this while replying one of her fans who asked her why her last relationship ended.

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