How BeautybyAD is raising generation of beauty models – CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of a cosmetics brand, BeautybyAD, Adeola Chizoba Adeyemi popularly known as Diiaderm has declared that while her brand, BeautybyAD is committed to producing an expanding variety of luxurious and unique beauty products to suit and boost the beauty of everybody it is also uplifting the society by raising another generation of beauty models that would grow into game changers in the beauty industry and beyond.”

She avers that her brand is not only about promoting beauty among all genders but also about creating capacity to inspire and empower aspiring young girls who want to take up a career in modeling..

According to her, it was the basic reason they set up their annual cosmetics-inspired beauty contest with which young girls are given a platform to showcase their talents in modeling while providing them with the tools and structure to prosper in the world of modeling.

Speaking on the contest which began in 2019, Diiadem said, “Face of BeautybyAD is a platform to help young, beautiful girls to pursue a career in modelling. It is done every year and winners are being selected to represent the brand for a period of one year. BeautybyAD is a cosmetic brand that caters to the diverse makeup needs of the average man and woman. Our aim is to raise an army of confident people who exude poise with our products. But our brand is not only about beauty alone, we also about building capacity”

Continuing, she added, “Our aim for the Face of BeautybyAD is to make a positive impacts on the lives of the winners, to help them boost their careers, boost their profiles, encourage them to come out of their shells to do what they have always wanted to do and achieve. In a nutshell it is a platform to let them achieve their dreams and assist them to reach the height they desire in their modeling careers .

“After the contest, they begin their modeling journey by modelling for the brand. The contest prepares them for the journey and opens their eyes and minds into the world of modeling, by giving them the popularity and fame they need on the way. It allows them to master the craft. It is an amazing platform for aspiring models with a good structure to back them up.”

The first winner of the contest emerged in August of 2019.

She also revealed that the next edition of the Face of Beauty by AD will be something special as it would be packaged like never before, saying all the razzmatazz is to be expected in no other place than on their Instagram page @beautybyad.

Speaking further about the growth of the brand, she said, “We have grown beautifully and we have been able to inspire young girls to be whoever they desire to be as regards Face of Beauty By Ad. We have also kept to the standard of producing quality products. We have also been able to create a luxe skin foundation and concealers.

“Our core values are inclusivity, that is to include everybody, to let them know we have them in our mind when we create our product. We have everybody in mind regardless of their skin types, skin complexion or tone.

“In the last two years we have been able to move to our flagship store, a year ago when we celebrated our 5th year anniversary. We will be 7 years old this year.

“The brand has really grown globally and we have distributors all over the world. In Canada, USA, Europe and other parts of the world.”

Beauty by AD founded by an ex video vixen, a model and brand influencer, Adeola Chizoba Adeyemi popularly known as Diiadem has continued to set the pace in the space since 2016. According to the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, it was a product of passion and love nurtured by hard work, commitment and vision.

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