Your Son Can Never Be Nigeria’s President – Pastor Giwa Tells Buhari

Adewale Giwa, senior pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, has stated that as a result of his father’s actions, President Muhammadu Buhari’s son can no longer dream of becoming Nigeria’s President.

Buhari’s leadership style, which he claims has caused Nigerians hardship, has effectively ruled out any of Buhari’s family members being President in the future, according to Giwa.

As long as President Buhari is in power, the cleric claims, there would be no peace in Nigeria.

Buhari, he claims, ascended to power through deception and now must suffer the consequences.In a statement to DAILY POST on Wednesday, Giwa noted that the harmful consequences of deceit are destruction, disharmony and mental weariness, adding that “One wonders why Nigeria is currently going through turbulent times.

“You can’t get happiness where you lost it. President Muhammadu Buhari got to power through a campaign of deceit, forgetting that no one can play God.

“The biblical Abimelech, the son of Gideon became king of Shechem, Israel through deceit and the wicked use of force by killing his brothers. He ruled Shechem for three years before a conspiracy arose against him. He commanded by force, murdered his opposition, and led in such a manner that even his subjects sought to overthrow him.

“Then, God sent an evil spirit to cause problems between Abimelech and citizens of Shechem. So, the citizens of Shechem turned against Abimelech.

“Surprisingly, a woman in Thebez killed Abimelech by throwing a small millstone that hit him on the head and cracked his skull.

“Let me warn President Buhari again to thread cautiously and listen to the cries of Nigerians. If not, Nigeria might witness what she never planned for.
There can’t be peace where there is no justice and equity.“President Buhari took the position that does not belong to him. I prefer a good name than silver and gold. The king who rules and protects his name and integrity leaves a good legacy behind.

“After Buhari’s exit, can his son wake up and address Nigerians that he wants to become the president? I have never seen this kind of a government before since I was born.

“President Buhari is a sociopath because of his lack of conscience. Does that make sense to you? You’re empowering criminals terrorizing the innocent citizens but crucifying those who are fighting for their freedom?

“It takes the heartless person to act in such a way; A good leader listens and acts on the demands of his people. Either they like or not, the will of God must prevail in Nigeria.

“God hates injustice, oppression and evil leaders. Sometimes, I wonder maybe some men of God in Nigeria who have refused to speak truth to power have different bibles aside the Holy Bible that we read.

“This is not the time for prophecy, but time to look at those who are in power and tell them the truth. It’s time for all of us to speak in one voice and deliver God’s people from the hands of the wicked.”

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