The Features Of A Future President From A Northern Perspective

The emergence of Bola Asiwaju Tinubu as the standard bearer of the APC in 2023, despite the concert of miscalculations, high wire intrigues, subterranean subtle and clear flag signs that he does not feature in the power succession architecture he was able to neutralize all the potent forces.

It is instructive to note, that the forces that combatively brought to fruition his ambition were propelled by northern stars on the political firmament, particular the 12 Northern Governors who agreed that power be shifted to the south.

This brings me to an article written in The Guardian Newspaper August 2019, in searching for a successor to Buhari. The writer almost clairvoyant said Bola Tinubu ticks all the boxes, the north’s needs against other aspirants in the country, as quoted by the writer in the newspaper.

This is because, he argued that the North may just as well begin to narrow its searchlight beyond the North and look for a candidate that best aggregates their yearnings to trigger a rapid accelerated development agenda that will compensate for the lost years. Pointedly he said, “I am beginning to think of Ahmed Bola Tinubu, who has shown that he is an instrument of service delivery”. Going further, he submitted that he is an effective mobilizer who has encouraged alignments to achieve cohesion and in the process has thrown up a progressive coalition free from the forces of politics, religion or social impediment. This strategy must have resonated with the northern political strategists and it has worked.

The lessons to be learnt from the Eagle Square election validates the assertion.

Against entrenched interests, the Northern APC Governors were able to provide a potent political strategy that deflated all the balloons of opposition hovering over the square. His antecedents must have factored into the minds of these Governors not forgetting his role towards the birth of APC. This same strategy played itself out at the convention, the fusion of strange bed fellows of ANPP, CPC, ACN and factions of APGA and the strategic consideration of the West with the North, produced President Buhari against the behemoth PDP. This singular centripetal strategy has further entrenched his political status not only in North and the country as a dogged politician, who can tap into the reservoir of talents, particularly in the north. To him, this is payback time, the north has not being disappointed for this singular act that threw him up especially for a region yearning for clear headed leadership that they can trust.

The Jagaban Minna then, saw certain antecedents in the leadership credential of Tinubu, in the sense that “Lagos State became a focal point for national integration” when the cabinet was made with a preponderance of individuals from a cluster of states around the Southwest and beyond from 1999 to 2007. His administration is likely to factor this consideration by being peopled by individuals imbued with the same policy thrust of his past administration in Lagos State. The result remains clear, to the extent that these individuals not only propelled Lagos State towards sustainability, these same individuals have been thrown into national prominence to become the resource base of this present administration. At that time, He said, “am i thinking of the Osibanjos, Fasholas, Aregbesolas, Akabogus, Opeyemis, fowlers. This is as clear as it is, in human capital development”.

Whatever submission made by the establishment on Tinubu remains valid for now, in the sense that hitherto unknown individuals could be identified and they performed, which is a sober reflection or introspection of the standard bearer of APC.

Moving forward, the lessons the north will realize with his political strategy and intended dividend of this signature tune in discovering talents will trigger the assemblage and proper identification of a human resource base who would champion the human capacity development across Northern Nigeria Landscape. Talents abound and lurking in dark recesses in this region, who can given the exposure, enabling environment and Jagaba as President would allow them impact on their states and ensure targeted goals are met that will change their present political architecture for good and erase memories of lamentations.

A piece of good news for Arewa, is that they are assured of an avatar who having survived the federal might showing that all states in the federation can survive without the suffocating federal presence, can replicate the same model with massive dividends. This is a sport on observation infact most authenticated assessment of the Jagaba phenomena. I keep on thinking and coming back to that article and this may sound incredible but what will the North look like with his presidency. Would it not open their eyes to shore-up their revenue bases, stimulate strategic and sustainable industrialization or growth-profile that will lead to their economic prosperity.

This same north that gave him an unalloyed support to win at the presidential primary of the APC, and his political sagacity, Lagos development programming model in focus in particular political cohesion in the southwest in general, serves as an enviable credential in sustaining the Tinubu Phenomena. Arewa will surely benefit from this focused approach to issues and in the process ensure efficient service delivery.

He is a friend of the North and at a time like that the north needs a friend of his political pedigree.

The Northerners and Nigeria would look towards 2023 with the Asiwaju of Lagos and the Jagaban of Borgu Kingdom as a personality to RESTORE HOPE beyond his regional confines and constraints.

May the Almighty God, give us the Jagaban of Borgu Kingdom and increase Him in good health and wisdom to move the nation to greater heights.

Shehu Usman Muhammad
Writes from Minna, Niger State.

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