Saudi Arabia Announces Tuesday, April 13 As First Day of Ramadan

According to the Saudi Arabian moon-sighting committee, the crescent moon for Ramadan 2021 was not seen on Sunday, making Monday the 30th of Sha’ban and Tuesday the first of Ramadan.

The moon sighting committee in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced that the first day of Ramadan will be April 13, Tuesday.

According to Gulf News, the committee stated that the crescent moon had not been seen.

As a result, Monday, April 12th, will be the last and 30th day of Shaban 1442 Hijri, implying that Ramadan will begin on Tuesday.

According to the Islamic calendar, Sunday is the 29th day of Shaban, the month preceding Ramadan. Ramadan is observed for one lunar cycle, which is normally 29 or 30 days. The period is determined by the sighting of the moon.

Makkah is regarded as Islam’s holiest city. It was not only the birthplace of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), but it was also the site of Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) first Quranic revelation. As a result, the rest of the Islamic world is following Saudi Arabia’s lead.

The UAE usually follows Saudi Arabia’s lead, but residents should wait for official confirmation from the UAE government.

The end of Ramadan is marked by a three-day festival known as Eid Al Fitr. The moon-sighting committee will decide the exact date.

The crescent moon for the month of Shawwal will form on May 11, 2021, according to Ebrahim Al Jarwan, member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences and director of Sharjah Planetarium. However, it will not be visible until Thursday, May 13, the first day of Eid Al Fitr.

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