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Mixed reactions over Isa Pantami alleged ties with terrorists

Nigerians have reacted in several ways to the about Isa Pantami having ties with terrorists.

Although Mr Pantami has denied the allegations but people have taken to several social media outlets to react.

Some of the reactions are included below

FestusGreen says, “Report: US Govt places Nigeria’s Minister of Com­munications, Sheikh Isa Pantami on Terror watch-list for alleged ties with Boko Haram Terrorists.”

Visualize that a man in charge of all our personal data, bank details, biometrics, NIN, acc balances, etc is a bonafide jihadist?″.

Faisstk on his part says, “Then why did Boko haram threaten him recently? This is false!”.

Someone, SPeculiarbreed says, “Scary!
With all d data in his hand.. Kidnap, banditary n abduction is just starting. Na wa o”.

Deji Adesogan says, “Same Isa Pantami that had face-off with Late Mohammed Yusuf on BokoHaram’s ideology? BokoHaram wanted to kill him cos even last year, Shekau threatened him.

I checked US FBI website on wanted terrorists & their collaborators & can’t find anything on him”.

Frizzyhub said, “If truly Isa Pantami who is the Minister for Communication has ties with Boko Harm, Al-Qaeda.. Then, Boko Haram has our NIN and full details??”.

Elnathan John on his part said, “A few things must be said about this Isa Pantami issue. Only because people who have little to zero knowledge about the context are spreading wild and baseless untruths and half truths.

You may describe Isa Pantami as a conservative salafi but to claim he was a BH supporter?”.

Jaye Bright said, “This oyibo man just outlined the reasons why this country is not growing. We’re in serious trouble”.

Aikay Onyeji said, “They’ve pressured U people & probably paid U people to retract something that’s true. We all know someone high up in government is agent 2 Boko Haram. Army always complain of being ordered to withdraw when close to inflicting a major blow on BH. We all know you’re lying continue”.

Someone else with the name Austino said, “There will be no 15 years bro, Nigeria is going down. Isa Pandemic, sorry Isa Pantami is going back to his village. Let everybody rest abeg”.

A certain user with the name Emir of Aba said, “I can hear the wails in Aba, Nwewi, Arochukwu & Owerri, desperately wishing story is true. We Igbos will believe a lie w/o evidence against Nigeria before believing a Truth with evidence for Nigeria, for we’re a people who have mortgaged our collective brains for a plate of Akpu”.

Ifeoma Awokoya said, “No one who has his head screwed on properly would even have believed you. You should be prosecuted under Criminal libel or Cynercrimes Act”.

A lady with the name Jessica said, “They should investigate him, this retraction can be done under duress. There is no smoke without fire. He is sitting on a delicate seat that has the country database. He should be investigated before he can sue”.

Someone else said, ” Sue who? They did not accuse him of terrorism but they leaked out to the public brief history of his education and connection with Al Qaeda group”.

Salman said, “According to that news, Isa Pantami has ties with Boko Haram and Al-Qaeda. Both are terrors rocking Nigeria and the world Capital And this man has all our NIN in his hands. Lastly, he is still walking freely😂

Popcorn no fit do watch this Naija Movie, Bring fearless for Energy💪🏾”.

Someone with the name WemaMoney said, “When they started asking us all to link our NIN with our sim I knew they were at it again.

With the poor security system in Nigeria. Someday, someone is going to hack into the Government’s database and reck havoc on the entire nation”.

Someone with the name Iwobi said, ” The craziest reality behind all these findings is that nothing would be absolutely done. No investigation or unseating. That’s the clear message that we are being ruled by the same terrorist we’re fighting against as don’t get me started of our weak crumbling institutions that can’t even looking into messes like these”.

Someone just said, “When 🇳🇬Government started saying your NIN is more important than your BVN,I knew they re up to something.🤔”.

Miz Cazorla said, “APC Brought In Militias From Mali, S/ Leone,Others To Win 2015 Polls– Baraje

– US Govt places Nigeria’s Minister of Com­ms,Sheikh Isa Pantami on Terror watch-list for alleged ties with Boko Haram Leader

What other evidence do we need to conclude that APC is a terrorist party?”.

Someone else said, ” As the Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Agency, Isa Pantami has access to all of our data.

A terrorist with our data is very dangerous and unacceptable!”.

Another person said, “I will recommend or advise dat you petition @PoliceNG the DSS for investigation & possible Prosecution for criminal defamation of character. So that the proprietors could be send to prison if found guilty. This could be done concurrently with civil the civil case”.

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