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Nigerians Can Now Travel Across 160 Countries Without Visa – Agency

Nigerians, according to Winnington Citizens & Partners, a visa processing and citizenship acquisition business, “may travel to as many as 160 countries throughout the world without visa restrictions.”

Mrs Winnie Okoh, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, told reporters that the company has packages that would allow Nigerians to travel without a visa.

Nigerians who want to travel to Caribbean countries and portions of Europe will be able to do so with just a “Strong Passport,” she said.

Okoh, who presented the various packages on offer, said the company could make it simple for Nigerians to obtain second citizenship.

She went on to say that there are other economic opportunities, education, and healthcare services in other countries available.

According to Okoh, the company is cooperating with five Caribbean countries to advertise its citizenship by investment to anyone looking for a second passport.

“Business opportunities abound in the Caribbean. I have heard of many people that have missed business opportunities because they were not granted visas.

“But with this passport, they could access the countries. Yours is just to buy a ticket and hop into the plane and avoid all the embassies problems.

“If you want to go to school abroad we can help you get admission and package you in a legal way. This citizenship will give you access to good healthcare and good education for the children.

“Once you get this passport, it passes from generation to generation. It does not terminate, except you are found wanting or found to be a criminal. With that passport, you can settle in the UK also and without visa,” she said.

According to the CEO, the passport can easily and automatically be renewed when it expires

She said the company “is out to impact the lives of Nigerians positively by providing access to such travel opportunities” that would hitherto been hampered or delayed by visa requirement.

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