Nigerian Health Workers Issue Fresh Strike Notice, List Demands

A new notice of industrial action has been issued by the Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) and the Assembly of Healthcare Professional Associations (AHPA).

The letter confirms that negotiations with the government are still underway, despite the fact that the most recent strike notice expired on September 17th.

On Friday, an Expanded National Executive Council (NEC) emergency meeting of the unions was conducted, according to JOHESU Acting General Secretary Matthew Ajorutu.

The Presidents and General Secretaries of affiliate unions and professional groups, affiliate union NEC members, and JOHESU Chairmen and Secretaries at the state and branch levels were also in attendance.

Since the declaration of the trade dispute through the 15-day strike notice issued on September 2, the session evaluated the reports of JOHESU negotiating and conciliation meetings with the federal government.

According to Ajorutu, the NEC considered President Muhammadu Buhari’s call for people to demonstrate understanding for his administration and a promise to refund any debts owing to health workers.

According to the scribe, the NEC received and reviewed reports from congresses conducted at various health facilities across the nation on the mobilization for the new strike notice, which would begin on September 18.

Ajorutu has instructed the Federal Ministry of Health to ensure that all establishment and welfare concerns agreed upon during negotiations are circulated as soon as possible.

The unions pressed for the completion and submission to FG’s High-Level Body (HLB) of the amended Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS) for JOHESU members by September 22, as agreed.

”NEC-in-session urges the Federal Government to ensure that the High-Level Body (HLB) completes and submits the computation of the adjusted CONHESS for inclusion in the 2022 budget within the Sept. 30th, submission window.

”NEC urges the Federal Government to reciprocate the patriotic humanitarian gesture of JOHESU in the interest of the larger Nigerian masses to expeditiously resolve all the demands within the fifteen days window”, the joint statement added.

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