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Nigeria, My Pride

Every day my soldiers stand brave at the forefront to ensure I am safe, this they do day in day out. Insurgency, terror, are knocking at my Pride, but my soldiers stand firm. I have a solid moral duty to be loyal, faithful and respectful to my Pride.

The bridges and airspace ensures I get to see my sister in Lagos, my brother in Cross Rivers, and my parents in Kaduna. My Pride made this possible. Movements like this makes it easier for me to buy Shea nut, process it in a quality controlled environment and ship it to France where it is sold and recognized as a Nigerian product with pride.

My Pride, is Muslim, Christian, and traditional. My Pride speaks Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba. Where, but Nigeria!! Every citizen is equal in the eyes of my Pride, I respect that and will treat everyone respectfully and fairly.

But, I have a great sense of empathy for the family of my Pride. They say charity begins at home, I remember to give back. From the young village boy who will one day grow to be a President, thanks to my little support of education. To a tiny dispensary to help my grandmother who needs medical attention in her village.

I have to work selflessly to build solar systems, build turbines at all the Nations dams for power, build quality roads to transport goods, build a strong political base to strengthen the quality of leadership for my Pride, build civic centers in every State to remind us of our history so as to move forward. All this for my Pride.

I dedicate this thought to every citizen of my Pride with a firm resolve to work hard to keep Nigeria’s interest first.

A resolve to be our brothers keeper for peace and harmony.

A resolve to be free of corruption so as to develop faster and stronger.

Thus a happier environment will prevail.

Nigeria, my Pride.
Happy Independence.

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