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Months After T.B Joshua’s Death, SCOAN In Crisis



The Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, is claimed to be experiencing a leadership crisis just four months after Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, nicknamed T.B Joshua, the church’s founder, died.

The dilemma stems from the late Prophet’s failure to establish a clear line of succession before to his death.

Remember that T.B Joshua died on June 5, 2021, and was buried a few weeks later amid much pomp on the grounds of SCOAN. However, the succession dilemma began shortly after his burial.

Following T.B Joshua’s death, a leadership void developed between his widow and some of his disciples, who believed she lacked the qualifications to lead SCOAN.

T.B Joshua kept his wife and family out of the public spotlight and church politics during his lifetime, according to DAILY POST, as evidenced by the fact that he withdrew Evelyn from SCOAN’s Board of Trustees, BoT. She didn’t participate in many church events.

Prophet Racine, Prophet Joseph, and Evangelist Chris primarily stepped in for T.B Joshua before his death, even if Mrs Evelyn Joshua was not present.

The leadership vacuum has deteriorated to the point where Joshua’s followers and prophets have been targeted and tormented by Evelyn’s board of directors.

Some of T.B Joshua’s disciples were ejected from their official housing in SCOAN over the weekend, while others were held prisoner in their rooms and had their phones taken from them forcibly.

Going all out, the Evelyn-led leadership also took several church officials to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for suspected theft of monies, including the prophets named above.

During the squabble, Evelyn made an attempt to reclaim her place in the church’s leadership.

This is evidenced by the fact that she obtained a court order restoring her to SCOAN’s Board of Trustees, or BoT.

Mrs Evelyn was appointed as a trustee of SCOAN by Justice Tijani Ringim of the Lagos Federal High Court, in accordance with the church’s Constitution, which requires a minimum of three trustees.

Mrs Evelyn’s appointment is claimed to go against her late husband’s decision to remove her from the board of directors before his death.

Over the weekend, SCOAN confirmed Evelyn as the new leader of the church, putting an end to the succession struggle.

The church’s legal team also disputed allegations that Evelyn-led leadership harassed some of the late Prophet’s staff and devotees.

James Akhigbe, the Head of SCOAN Legal Department, said in a statement sighted by DAILY POST that some church workers and disciples are being audited over financial misappropriation shortly after T. B Joshua’s death.

Akhigbe, on the other hand, claimed that individuals affected have not been victimized in any way, and that the audit process is being carried out honestly in a regular and completely normal setting, free of harassment.

In response to the leadership squabble, Bishop Ufuoma Bernard of The Godist Church cautioned that Evelyn’s rise could result in SCOAN’s fortunes diminishing.

Mrs Evelyn was accused of “muscling” her way into SCOAN’s leadership when Bishop Bernard made the comment.

The clergyman described the widow as “a Jezebel,” and related how the riches of some large churches plummeted after the founders’ wives seized over after their deaths.

Bernard claims that the church is not a family business.

“Evelyn Joshua is a Jezebel.

“When Nkechi Iluputaife took over from the murdered husband, the biggest church in Lagos, Victory Christian Church, at the time collapsed.

“When Margaret Idahosa used wayo to take over Church of God Mission after Benson Idahosa suffered cardiac arrest, the church dwindled in profile.

“Now Evelyn Joshua has muscled her way into the topmost position of Synagogue and certainly Synagogue is going down. The Church is not family business,” he wrote on Facebook.

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