Community shut down AITEO facility over unfair treatment (PHOTOS)

Nembe of Bayelsa state the host community of Aiteo Eastern Exploration staged a peaceful protest to register their displeasure to the multinational oil company over the Operation of the OML 29 oil facilities.

Carrying out the peaceful protests in front of the oil facility, the protesters Among the protesters who displayed various placards with inscriptions such as ‘ Give Nembe light, don’t misunderstand our hospitality for stupidity’, Aiteo Nembe City demands justices’ the land is ours, the oil is ours, Aiteo cannot operate without taking the host community along among others demanded that they be treated fairly.

Venting his displeasure, the President of Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide, Barrister Oweilaemi Peretubo, expressed dismay over Aiteo’s refusal to implement the Nigerian Content law by providing jobs for the teeming youths in the area, adding that AITEO as an indigenous company, has not kept to their cooperate social responsibilities since it acquired the facilities from SHELL.

Peretubo urged them to do the needful by coming to Nembe for discussions.

He urged the company to employ qualified indigenes of Nembe kingdom to avoid strain relationship between AITEO and the Ijaw nation,pointing out that the company does not even have an office in Yenagoa and River state, thereby making it impossible for the host communities to approach them for a round table discussion.

Reading their communique the company, the President of Nembe city Opua-sawo Itu, Elder Kwomo Ebri-egbeghabo, described AITEO as a faceless company without a known address.

He accused the company of outright negligence despite improved production out -put. Non-implementation of outstanding GMOU and zero corporate social responsibility among others.

According to him, “AITEO produces 150,000 barrels of oil per day in the Nembe Creek Oil Field without any positive impact on the host community and asked them to park.

On her part, the woman leader of Nembe City, Madam Abigail Tariah, lamented that AITEO company has been successfully syphoning what rightly belongs to the people for the past four years without deeming it fit to employing the people and called for its immediate vacation of the land.

On his part, the Field Supervisor, Anthony Bayo who received communiqué on behalf of AITEO promised to channel it to the top echelon of the company.

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