Amotekun Intercepts Truck Conveying Over 100 Northern youths

Amotekun Corps agents in Oyo State stopped a truck carrying a large number of young people from the North who were heading to Ogun State.

It was learned that the truck, which is said to have left from Zamfara State, was carrying more than 100 kids.

Further information was provided by our correspondent, who discovered that the truck was stopped Tuesday around 4 p.m. near University of Ibadan-Bodija Road while en route to Ogere in Ogun State.

Some of the truck’s passengers are rumored to have jumped out and run away as soon as they saw the security guards.

According to reports, the interception generated fear among the locals, who thought the guys captured were terrorists or bandits.

In his remarks, the Commandant of Amotekun in Oyo State, Col. Olayinka Adeyanju (retd.), said those arrested could not be described as terrorists or criminals yet.

He said, “We did not arrest Boko Haram members or criminals. Those we arrested are here. Policemen are here, DSS operatives are here and the NSCDC men are also here.

“They are profiling them as I talk to you. We saw them in a truck and moving such huge number of people is suspicious and that was why we stopped them and brought them here.

“We arrested them and we invited other security agencies to come and profile them.

“With that, they will know if there is any of those who escaped from jail among them. They will find out their mission and where they are going to. They will be released if they are found to be law-abiding citizens.”

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