2023 Elections: Why I refused to join PDP, APC – Prof. Imumolen

The need to make a clean break from a system that has failed to deliver to Nigerians the dividends of democracy in almost two decades of the country’s return to democratic governance was the reason he decided to join a fresh party other than the existing ones like the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Professor Christopher Imumolen says he decided to choose the Accord party as the platform from where he would ventilate his political aspirations to give a fresh view of what he feels governance should look like.

Fielding questions from a panel of interviewers during a popular TV breakfast show recently, the youthful presidential aspirant said the so-called big political parties that have had the opportunity to govern the country throughout the life of the 4th Republic have largely failed to deliver the true dividends of democracy because of an entrenched system that seems not to work.

“I decided not to join any of these so-called big political parties because I wanted a fresh perspective to governance. I told myself that if I wanted to be the agent of change that I really desired to be, I needed to make a clean break by dissociating myself from the system that never seems to work despite a host of very erudite fellows who have worked in it,” Imumolen said.

He described Nigeria as a company which has been having the same challenge of management despite several attempts by different personnels to make a difference.

“It’s just like an organization which keeps having the same problem again and again for say, 30 years. When you now notice that different solution proferred by those who are supposed to know is not working, the best thing to do will be to bring from outside the confines of that company someone who has not been tainted by the malaise that never seems to make things work in that organisation.

“I am that someone fresh from the outside who is untainted by the system, with no affiliations or any vested interests who will look at the country’s problems from a fresh prism and be better placed to solve them,” he said.

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