ROUND UP: 10 Things Nigerians Expect From New Acting IGP

In what has become the norms, the Nigeria Police Force has paralyzed themselves to be one of the most intagible institution of the government. They have over the decade being identified with immoralities that know doubt always draw them into an ensuing drama.

If one would be honest, a larger number of the citizen has at one point in time suffer great setback as a result of Police brutality and sad enough we have been left on an island of isolation to struggle for our survival.

The #EndSars protest that skyrocketed recently is one of the pointer that reveals several ills of our Police Force and atrocious committed and by this token, the citizenry has being craving for government intervention with a continuous agitation for a reform system.

Though, the government is yet to act on this but on Tuesday, the media space was filled with reports that Alkali Usman Baba has been appointed by President Buhari has the acting IGP of the federation.

Findings shows that this report was accepted by Nigerians in good belief. However, It still appears that Nigerians are high in expectance for new narratives. And here are some of the expectations:

1 Eradication of police brutality

The police are known to be notorious for all forms of irregularities including assaults on citizens. The new IGP has a responsibility to change this narrative.

2. Accountability and Transparency

Transparency International has on several occasions  listed Nigerian police as one of the most corrupt public institutions in the country. If Transparency International report would be released again, Mr Baba should not allow the police be tagged as non transparent.

3. Independent working relationship with other security agencies

The police are expected to liaise with other agency like EFCC, ICPC and other security agencies to ensure that corruption and other criminality are curbed.

4. Respect for human dignity

Every human has right as provided in the construction of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is expected that police respect these rights of citizens.

5. Stop parade of suspect yet to be pronounced guilty by court

The police are quick to parade suspects even when evidence of crime is still sketchy. Mr Baba should up his game to eradicate this.

6 Curb activities of IPOB, Cultists, and others

This newspaper has reported as series of killings by IPOB members in Imo State and others. Cultism is the order of the day in Lagos and others.

Mr Baba has a task to eradicate this.

7. Be hope for hard working Nigerian youths

The repeat of #EndSARS protest should not be allowed and the only solution to that is for the police to be hope of hard working  Nigerian youths.

Illegal searching and all should checked.

8. Lead by example

To make his men perform well, Mr Baba must live by example.  If he fails, certainly others will fail.

9. Shun bias and nepotism

The government of president Muhammadu Buhari is known for nepotism as many social commentators have accused him of shielding criminals from the north. Mr Baba must get rid of criminals regardless of their background or ethic.

10 Bring the phrase “police is your friend” to reality

Are police really citizens friend? Mr Baba must bring this to reality.

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