Youth group gives Tinubu 48 hours to apologise to Nigerians over “use of fake bishops”

Advocates for good governance, a youth group with mandate of good governance, has described as “sacrilegious, Tinubu’s cloning of fake bishops to add any sense if any, to the unveiling of his Muslim-Muslim Presidential ticket.”

In a Thursday statement, the group said; “As Nigerians are all aware, the APC, the party upon whose platform Tinubu and his co-traveller in political comedy, Shettima, are running for office of President of Nigeria, is notorious for cloning of anything clone-able.

“In seven years, the APC, Tinubu’s party has made light essence of governance. They inherited a working a economy in 2015, today the economy is on its knees seeking for critical redemption.

“They met a secured Nigeria in 2015, today insecurity lives with us as a nation like a next-door-neighbour.

“Just when you think you have seen it all, then the same party that should be apologising to Nigerians and be committing never to contest elections again as it has become grossly unpopular over the years, is fielding a Tinubu whose identity is yet a subject of clone controversy. It yet did not stop there, the same Tinubu had to clone fake Bishops with diocese or known church, to unveil his fellow Muslim running mate to Nigerians.”

“If that is not an insult on the church, one doubt if it is anything else than an insult even on the sensibility of the average Nigerian.

“Nigerians are under obligation to reject Tinubu and his running mate and his entire party APC next year when the general elections hold,” the group further added.

While concluding, the group gave the APC and Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC Presidential candidate; 48 hours to “come out and apologise over the ‘shenanigans’ that happened during the unveiling of the APC Vice Presidential candidate”, this was as the group condemned in its strongest term, the APC’s use of “fake bishops”.

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