You left a financially stable man to marry a jinxed multi-billionaire – Zubby Michael throws shade (VIDEO)

Zubby Michael’s viral video unleashed a scathing reality check for certain women he accused of chasing after wealthy men with questionable sources.

He bluntly cautioned about the grave consequences of abandoning financially stable partners for billionaires with conspicuous spiritual shortcomings.

Nigerian actor and filmmaker Zubby Michael caused a stir with his latest bombshell, unleashing fiery shade that cut deep into the hearts of women he deemed desperate and billionaires he accused of having murky spiritual dents.

In a scorching viral video, Nigerian movie star Zubby Michael didn’t hold back as he delivered a searing critique aimed at women seduced by the glitz and glamor of billionaires with dubious backgrounds.

He urged these ladies to wake up and smell the coffee, advising them to opt for financially stable partners—men who boast a house, cars, and a solid 5-10 million naira in the bank—over the hollow allure of multi-billionaires cursed with spiritual rot and questionable wealth.

The movie star didn’t just stop there; he delved even deeper, tearing into the heart of the matter with a fervor that left no room for doubt. Zubby Michael laid bare the dark underbelly of these so-called billionaires, exposing how they amassed their fortunes by swindling hard-earned money from unsuspecting victims, driving many to the brink of despair and even suicide.

With unrelenting intensity, he painted a grim picture of the fate awaiting any woman who shackles herself to such a tainted fortune. He warned that by choosing to marry these spiritually ‘dented’ billionaires, these women would  inherit the full weight of the curse that comes with their ill-gotten wealth.

This curse, he stressed, wouldn’t just tarnish their own lives but would also cast a dark shadow over their children, condemning them to suffer the severe consequences of their fraudulent gains.

Zubby Michael’s fiery rhetoric was a clarion call for women to look beyond the superficial glitz and glamor.


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