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Yahaya Bello under attack over 2023 presidential ambition

The Governor of Kogi state has been attacked over his 2023 presidential ambition.

These are some of the reactions gotten on social media

According to a user identified Fomax, he said, “Gov. Yahaya Bello is NOT fit to lead the nation. Someone that arrested protesters is not fit to lead.

By the way, what has been his achievements in his state

What is his vision

Great Nelson Mandela warning”.

Another user with the name Kachi, “To summarize what Bubu’s been scattering since he got into power. We will look for Nigeria and won’t find it if Yahaya happens to Nigeria. God forbid bad thing oh”.

Someone else said, “A quick question for the man….
What are ur achievements in the state you’re governing???
If he can list and explain 10 of them then he has passed the course”.

Nefertiri said, “Typical Nigerian will vote for Yahaya Bello & not Peter Obi. Then come on TL & start apologizing after 4 years.

Nigerians are a different breed of humans. Some are even celebrating the Speaker of the House, Femi Gbajamaibilia for eating Amala & Ewudu in a Surulere restaurant.😅”.

Idorenyin Etuk said, “We need someone who will take us far away from all we have had so far in this country. Yahaya Bello is not that person, we do not see that in him. A break from bad politics, bad governance, flamboyance, wasteful spending, mismanagement of economy, corruption, forced/false unity,We are looking for someone who will bring unity through justice going right to the foundation, the useless 1999 constitution & giving us a rebirth through a people’s constitution which reflects our aspirations & diversity & respects our rights to full internal self governance”.

Mr Ojolade said, “Strong and decisive leadership 😂😂😂😂
The same leadership Kogi State is presently witnessing right?
My Aunt, a level 8/2 Civil servant at the local Government collected 3,700 Naira as her 30 percent payment for February but this shouldn’t concern you”.

Someone else with the name Faith B said, “Being a governor is a great opportunity Yahaya Bello had to prove his competence as a youth…. but looking at kogi state after 8 years of his leadership, I can’t comfortably say he deserves that name “a bridge builder” IMO!!”.

Tunji baj said, “Everybody knows buhari is a monster & a complete disaster that has led Nigeria to its abrupt destruction and end already and that’s why we must not allow another monster into that space any more.That’s why we must ensure that this Yahaya Bello is dead on Arival.I come in peace”.

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