Why So Much Obsession About The Candidate That Came 3rd – Rufai Oseni


Arise TV anchor, Rufai Oseni has raised concerns over the obsession about Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party.

In his submission, he noted that he is surprised that people are obsessed at a candidate that came third in the presidential election.

His comment comes after Former Governor of Enugu state, Senator Chimaroke Nnamani asked Peter Obi to withdraw his court case against Bola Tinubu.

Reacting to Nnamani’s statement, Rufai noted that the former Senator has no moral right to speak about the legal case in court.

He also said that should Nnamani had focused more on his Senatorial bid rather than obsessing about Peter Obi, he would have been a returning Senator.

Recall that Senator Nnamani lost his re-election bid to a Labour Party candidate.

Rufai Oseni said; “Nnamani that lost election to Labour Party is the one saying all of this? Isn’t it amazing, the same Labour Party senator Nnamani never believed in, that said they will never go far in the election, that he is just trying to taunt the chance of the south east.

That same Labour Party ended up getting 12 states isn’t it? and Senator Nnamani lost in his senatorial re-election bid and some have argued that if senator Nnamani had focused on his senatorial bid maybe he would have been a returning senator now, rather than focusing more on Peter Obi.

Senator Nnamani does not have the moral right to speak about the legal case in court. I think he should just allow the court to have his way, let the court decide on this.

You never supported the man so why are you trying to offer any advise to him now?

Why don’t you leave the man alone to be able to go through his legal process and let the court rule as regard this. You’re not a party to the matter.

Please this obsessions with Peter Obi, and why is there this obsession with the candidate that came third? Didn’t INEC say he came third? So why is there an obsessions with him?

It is only in a context like this, I have seen that there has never been so much obsession with the man that came third.

Everybody want’s to pull down the man that came third. People have won the election, keep it moving but why is there this obsession about the man that came third? I ask.”

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