‘We Sleep With One Another In Nollywood, The Profession Is Blessed’ – Jide Kosoko Reveals

Prince Jide Kosoko has been a professional actor for over 60 years. He has appeared in both Yoruba and English-language films with the appearance of a colossus. He is so creative that his coworkers refer to him as a chameleon when it comes to assuming different identities in order to translate his roles.

In a recent interview with Vanguard, the actor discussed the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a celebrity.

“It is far from the truth,” he said in response to allegations that actors are philanderers. We are, in reality, one of the professions with the most disciplined participants. As public figures, we have a tendency to make a lot of noise in anything we do. That isn’t to suggest we don’t go out on dates or sleep with each other. The career is a fortunate one, and people should appreciate the positive aspects of it as well. Through our creative works, we teach, entertain, admonish, and enlighten the world.”

“Continuity, not one film, brings an actor to the limelight,” he said of fame. People will take note of a particular face when they see it in good productions, and they will reckon with it over time. That is how fame is gained. That’s why I despise some of my coworkers who think they can transform every actor into a star in an instant. I rose to prominence as a result of a steady stream of high-quality film productions.”

Jide Kosoko also discussed his experiences as a polygamist. “I never imagined myself as a polygamist, despite the fact that I am a product of one. My parents were also against it. My first wife worked in the corporate world. I yearned for someone who worked in the same industry as me. The best advice you could get back then was from your better half, which is how the second woman came to be. Along the way, I lost both to childbirth during an 11-month span. I had seven children at the time, so I had no intention of remarrying or having more. However, after much persuasion from my doctor and family, I agreed to have a woman on the condition that we would not have any more children, but an African woman would not agree to that. As a result of one thing leading to another, I now have two women. So becoming a polygamist is not my option, but God’s plan over which I have no control.”

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