WAeY Technologies Launches On-demand Delivery Platform

As a result of the high growth potential of the Nigerian e-commerce industry, WAeY Technologies has announced the launch of its on-demand delivery platform in Nigeria to enable users access delivery whenever and wherever.

The platform will be made available to all through its mobile app — WAeY Hailing — from which users can request on-demand delivery services.

As there is an even higher demand for excellent logistics and delivery services by both consumers and business owners to support the growing demands of consumers and the e-commerce market, WAeY Technologies created a platform where users and business owners can request delivery services in the same way that one would request a cab ride on a ride-hailing platform.

This decision was informed by WAeY Technologies’ commitment to providing solutions to business needs through technological innovations.

In a statement Wednesday, the Founder and Managing Director of WAeY Technologies, Mobolaji Akintokunbo, said: “The idea for WAeY Hailing is one that was conceived after a terrible experience I had with getting lunch delivered to me after a meeting. That experience and many more before that had me thinking about creating a solution that would enhance the logistics experience in Nigeria.

“To achieve this, I partnered with a leading logistics company in Nigeria, HOR Logistics, which is led by Moradeyo Wola-Oyesoro. The combination of our unique skills and experience with delivering practical and excellent solutions locally we are confident, will deliver an efficient, reliable and quick delivery solution through our on-demand delivery app – WAeY.”

WAeY app provides a platform from which individuals and businesses can gain access to on-demand delivery services.

On the app, users can request a delivery service based on the availability of dispatch riders in the pickup location. Users are then able to track order from pick up till delivery.

One of the more distinctive features on the app is that users can request up to six simultaneous deliveries. The app provides users with options to book the whole delivery box or to share. The sharing option which is at an even more affordable price gives users the option of picking a seat or two.

According to Akintokunbo, “We did not only build the WAeY app as a delivery solution. We wanted it to become a wealth creation platform as well. The Nigerian logistics sector has over the years enjoyed significant growth and we would like to give individuals the opportunity to benefit from that growth and development.

“People who own delivery bikes can register on the WAeY Hailing platform to increase their earnings, while those who do not own delivery bikes but wish to benefit from the budding logistics market in Nigeria are presented with options that will ensure they earn great ROI per annum. We are confident that WAeY will spell a positive change for the Nigerian logistics sector and online businesses. We are kicking off operations in Lagos State and we have plans to expand to other states in Nigeria, in the next few months.”

The WAeY app is available for Android and IOS phones. Dispatch riders and delivery bike owners can register their delivery bikes on the WAeY Hailing platform through the WAeY Partner app. The app is currently available on Google Playstore.

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