VYBR Media Limited Kicks Off With VYB Sessions For Aspiring Artists

Vybr, a social media platform that specialises in artist empowerment has announced the return of its Vyb sessions on the 30th of October, 2022 set to hold in Lagos and Abuja. Vyb sessions is a visibility platform for young aspiring artists looking to showcase their talent through a selection process that aids discovery and recognition in the music industry.

The latest edition of Vyb sessions will commence in partnership with CD Baby Africa, an online distributor of independent music and the official distributor of all Vyb sessions content and the winner of this year’s Vyb sessions rounds will get a free music/track release from CD Baby Africa and walk home with 2 million worth of prizes.

While speaking on the rationale behind the creation of the platform and the importance of recognition for young aspiring artists, the team at Vybr Media stated, “We are excited about our Vybr app and the return of Vyb sessions this October. For us at Vybr Media Limited, we understand the importance and impact of recognition and music distribution for any young aspiring artist and what we do is to be the bridge that helps artists to gain recognition for their talent and distribution of their music. With the introduction of the Vybr app this year, we are building a community for artists and music lovers to connect and interact with each other as well as a chance for the general audience to connect and appreciate them while they showcase their talents.  Vyb sessions is an avenue for any aspiring artist to get all the support they need, from production to distribution.

Vyb sessions commenced in September 2021 on social media, and this year it is taking bigger steps with the introduction of a digital app, Vybr where young aspiring artists can look forward to the opportunity to showcase their talent. Intended artists can join the Vyb sessions by downloading the Vybr app from the google play store or apple IOS store and follow the steps to participate.

Interested artists can follow their social media platforms for more information to begin their journey to fame.

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