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Uber, Bolt Drivers Fires Back At Company After Losing Two Colleagues In Two Days

At the Ajah area of Lagos State around 10PM on Sunday, it was learnt that a yet to be confirmed number of people including an e-hailing driver died as a result of a fatal accident.

According to a source from this area, it was gathered that this accident makes it the second loss suffered in just two days among the e-hailing drivers in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the South-West Regional Vice-President for the Professional E-hailing Drivers and Private-Owner, Kolawole Aina, confirmed the incident and further said: “The accident happened at Ajah this night and the driver died on the spot. Many others were injured and have been taken to the hospital.

“Ajiwe Police Station have been informed and some other government officials have also brought in an ambulance.”

Aina stressed further saying that “what e-hailling drivers are going through from the hands of Uber/Bolt is extremely inhumane”.

“The beginning of this problem is the absence of regulations on the activities of this app companies. No profiling for riders and this is exposing drivers to criminal riders,” he said.

“The drivers get permanently deactivated from their platform on any slight issue the drivers might have with riders.

“Meanwhile there is no training and retraining for these drivers. This is unacceptable because drivers deal with several kinds of riders on a daily basis. If there is no training, drivers are bound to misbehave.”

In the end, he proposed that fintech companies review their policies and suggests that they go into partnership with their association rather than dealing with drivers individually.

“This will allow the union to be properly carried along whenever any policy is about to take effect from the app companies to the drivers,” he said.

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