Two Lovers Mysteriously Found Dead And Naked Inside Suv In Lagos

In a Toyota Highlander (SUV) parked along Oja road, opposite Isheri Bus stop, Jakande Estate, Ejigbo, Lagos, two lovers were discovered dead and nude.

The lovers are thought to have died while having love in a Toyota Highlander SUV with the registration number EPE 666 GE, with the man fully clothed and the female’s trousers stripped to the knee level.

Maduka Augustine, a local who was also a witness, said the residents didn’t know what time the vehicle was parked, but they were suspicious of the way it was parked and chose to look inside. “What we saw baffled and perplexed us.”

“The vehicle’s windows were all wound up, but we saw two people inside it, and we raised the alarm which attracted people. We started knocking on the SUV, but the two occupants were motionless.

“We wanted to force the doors open, but people warned against it, so we decided to report to the police. The police came and forced the door open.

“Well, some people believed that the lovers might have died of a Yoruba traditional charm (Magun), prepared by husbands against their cheating wives.

“What else would have killed them if not Magun, because there was no mark of violence on their bodies and they were naked, meaning that they were making love.

However, Policemen from Ejigbo, who were alerted, arrived at the scene, the side door behind the driver’s seat was the only door opened, while others remained locked.

Policemen from the Ejigbo division drove the SUV with the bodies of the lovers to the Isolo General Hospital morgue, at 10.20 p.m., where they deposited their remains.

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