Twitter Ban: Nigeria Loses N24.72Bn In Ten Days

According to NetBlocks Cost of Shutdown Tool, Nigeria has lost N24.72 billion ($60.14 million) in ten days due to the ban on Twitter, a microblogging and social networking site.

The Twitter ban, which went into effect on June 5, 2021, costs Nigeria N102.9 million ($250,600) each hour.

Remember that earlier this month, Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Tourism, Lai Mohammed, declared the indefinite suspension of Twitter’s operations in the country.

Because of “the recurrent use of the platform for activities that are potential of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence,” Mohammed said the Federal Government was forced to act.

Twitter’s suspension has sparked significant indignation, with many Nigerians denouncing the decision.

The US Mission in Nigeria requested President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to lift the Twitter ban last week, citing the fact that 40 million Nigerians use the social media network.

Top American official, Samantha Power, conveyed the message, saying: “There are nearly 40 M Twitter users in #Nigeria, and the country is home to Africa’s largest tech hub.”

The Federal Government also ordered the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to begin the licensing procedure for all OTT and social media businesses.

NBC was also given orders to force broadcast stations – both television and radio – to stop utilizing Twitter or risk repercussions.

Nigerians, countries, and local and international organizations have all condemned the actions.

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