The Voice Nigeria; Why Nigerian Talents Must Be Honed

Nigeria is a country booming with youthful energy, skill and talent, its youth are its greatest resource. In recent times, it has become clear that the brilliance of Nigerian youths remain unmatched. More youths in Nigeria are relying on their talent and passion and are no longer seeking conventional careers as a means to an end. Instead, they’re forging their own path and one of the industries benefiting from this is the music industry. There are thousands of Nigerian youths that are winking in the dark and talent shows like The Voice Nigeria is creating opportunities to give these talents a big stage and also providing mentorship/coaching.

The Voice Nigeria has identified the pain points of young talented artistes. An avenue of expression is being created weekly, youths are given an outlet to showcase themselves and even if they’re not lucky enough to scale through to the next phase, they gain visibility. The platform is creating an ecosystem of care and social responsibility between its coaches and the talent.

The element of growth is something that the show’s producers are passionate about, this trajectory is further projected by the show’s decision to call the A-listers, coaches and ensure they are in the game to win with these talents.

The objective of The Voice Nigeria is double-pronged; the first is attracting the right talent and the second is grooming it. As stated earlier, the first part of its objective proves to not be a challenge in this demographic, music is a big part of the Nigerian culture and it’s no little wonder, many youths are musically talented.

The second part poses a bigger challenge, the Nigerian entertainment sector has its challenges and more often than not, only those who have the financial means to sustain their talent thrive.

In the music industry, there are a few examples of mentorship between artists. We have all been witnesses to the impact of mentorship in the music industry. A poignant example is  Banky W and Wizkid, more recently we have observed Don Jazzy and the Mavin squad; Olamide and YBNL. These examples are too few to create the impact that needs to be seen within the Music industry. In this week’s episode, we saw an emotional Waje who made a heartfelt comment at one of the talent’s audition. In her words “You validate what I believed that talent is good and is from God.

The needs for honing music talent in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized, now more than ever Nigeria is on the map as one of the most influential places for pop culture. Globally our artistes are recognised and we have barely scratched the surface of the incredible gems we have in our music industry. More platforms and outlets are needed to showcase exceptional talents and hidden gems. Nigeria has the potential to produce hundreds of global superstars, but this potential cannot be reached without the necessary care, intentionality and investment by the people who can truly make a difference.

With each new episode of the blinds auditions of The Voice Nigeria Season 3, the viewers experience more amazing talents and as the show progresses we hope to get introduced to more of these talents.

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