TB Joshua Is Not A Real Man Of God, He Sexually Molested Me For 14 Years – Former Assistant, Bisola Johnson Spits Wild Allegations

TB Joshua, the late general overseer of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations, has been accused of some outrageous claims.

Bisola Johnson, his former aide, claims that TB Joshua sexually assaulted her numerous times throughout their 14-year relationship.

She claimed that the well-known man of God has a s3kz ring that allowed him to have his way with young virgins whenever he pleased.

Following the death of the Synagogue’s general overseer, a slew of allegations and information ranging from good to terrible has been generated about him, but this new one surpasses them all.

Joshua was a serial s*sexual abuser, according to Bisola, who spoke to Sinai Mountain Radio in the United States. She claimed that TB Joshua was particularly interested in having sex with virgins and young girls.

Bisola went on to say that she ended up working for the church after TB Joshua utilized her troubles to brainwash her into doing so when she went to the church for a spiritual encounter in her 20s.

Joshua allegedly introduced Bisola to his hidden cult of young females with whom he sleeps whenever he feels like it, according to Bisola.

“It was a service day, I didn’t know he wanted to initiate me on that day. He asked for me and when I went, I didn’t see him in the office that I used to know. I was ushered into his bedroom and he asked if I was afraid, I said no, I was fine. He then hugged me and said, I should go back to work,” Bisola said.

“After 15 minutes, he called me again and this time, I saw him sitting with a white towel around his waist; I was standing at the door and he asked me to come in. I didn’t want to go because I saw his towel had shifted and his manhood was showing. TB Joshua insisted, dragged me into his bedroom by force; that is when I knew it was intentional. He dragged my hand and placed it on his manhood and started rubbing it.

“In my mind, I was struggling. I said even if such a thing will happen, it shouldn’t be in the house of God. I was very scared for him and thinking God will take his power but not knowing that was the strength of his power,”

“It was like a pride there if TB Joshiua called you into his bedroom,” She further alleged he impregnated numerous of those girls and they had to have abortions.

Bisola Johnson, who endured 14 years in that position before fleeing to create her own ministry, believes there are many other victims of Joshua’s abuse who are frightened to speak up.

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