Tanko Yakasai: Buhari is lazy; presented himself for elections to make money

Tanko Yakasai attacked President Muhammadu Buhari, saying he is too lazy and corrupt to solve Nigeria’s problems.


He said Buhari  contested because he was interested in making money.

Mr Yankasai, who served as an aide to former President Shehu Shagari, told Sunday Tribune that Mr Buhari’s incompetence is evident in his failure.

“I have never supported and will never support Buhari. I know Buhari has no competence to rule the country,” he said. “I have never changed my mind about his lack of competence to lead the country.”

Mr Yankasai, 94, said he never like Buhari’s government “because I knew he could not solve our problems as a country. The capacity is not just there,” while stating that he “would join efforts to look for somebody who can solve our problems.”

“Nobody can solve Nigeria’s problems until there is a programme for solving the problems,” he said, adding that “Many now want to become president because they want to have power and to make money.”

“Such people can’t solve our problems or the problems of any country. Only people who put their minds to the problems can solve such problems. If we want to develop agriculture, we must have a programme that solves the problems in that area,” he added.

Many have knocked Buhari for failure to curb corruption, insecurity, improving the citizens’ quality of life, as well as tackling the country’s economic woes.

The United States recently described his regime as also worsening human rights in Nigeria while looting the country with impunity.

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