“Stop Counting Husband For Me, If This My Third Husband Is Not Okay For Me I Will Still Change It Again”– Laide Bakare Say Ahead Of Her Owanbe Event (Watch)

Actress Laide Bakare has come out to urge all Nigerian bloggers to please stop Counting the number of husband she has married.

She continues by saying why will people just sit down somewhere and start given her husband as if she is not satisfied with the new husband she wants to marry now.

Her colleague quickly stated that this will be the last one and the new husband will take care of her, till her old age.

Though its not clear if it’s true that she wants to do a wedding on that same day, but all fingers are crossed.

its gonna Be mainly #OWANBE 💃 DECEMBER 2nd 2023 is the Date happening live at AMORE GARDEN lekki phase1. Time is 5pm prompt. Cant wait to host you. I love you for coming cc @laide.bakarehub @simlineboss . @damilolabanire

See video below


Ara_mi_deey Wrote: No gate pass 😢😍because am just a poor girl o but will love to attend.

Quuen_layofamzcake wroteIs the we moveeeee for me….😂😂Aunty laide no kill person…but na ur last bus stop In sha Allah…baba loma lo mama gbo.@laidebakare.

Zaraspecial_ wroteMy mind dey tell me something, but anyways let’s wait till that date, congratulations 🎊

Adekemibabatunde wrote❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it shall be permanent lagbara olorun. Happiness will never depart from you congratulations.

Olanike.salawu wroteCongratulations Jare, may Almighty Allah bless your Union with a lot of Barakah Aameen.

Anikeadehafolashade wroteI wish I can save this video so I can explain to those counting husband for me make you no loose count ooio😂😂😂😂😂😂 nah my sister I resemble 😍@laidebakare Much Love sis 😍 May this be ur last Bustop I pray for mine soon 🙏🙏🙏

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