Starsamm Emerges Best Performer Of VYB Sessions, Round 3

Starsamm had emerged as the best performer of round 3 of the youth empowerment campaign organized by Vybr Media Limited, Vyb sessions on Sunday, 1st January 2023, after 12 weeks of amazing music sessions.

He gained the highest number of votes, to beat out 10 other aspiring artists and walk home with 2 Million Naira worth of prizes, which includes cash reward, music distribution and artist recognition, leaving MG Blaack as the first runner-up, who was conferred the honorary Vybr award to with prizes worth 1 Million Naira.

The team at Vybr Media who have been working effortlessly for the success of the Vyb sessions commended each artist saying, ” We are more than delighted to see the vision of the Vyb session become a reality. Starsamm was phenomenal during the session with an unmatched level of passion and uniqueness in his sound and music. Certainly, all the talents during the Vyb session devoted themselves to every one of their sessions, but evidently, Starsamm stood out as judged by the audience through their votes. It is our great pleasure to congratulate Starsamm on emerging as the best performer and Black for being our honorary Vybr for this round 3.”

The third round of Vyb sessions commenced in partnership with CD Baby Africa, an online distributor of independent music and the official distributor of all Vyb sessions content and the winner of this round of Vyb sessions will get a free music/track release from CD Baby Africa and walk home with 2 million worth of prizes while the second runner up walks home with 1 million worth of prizes. The supporters and fans of these artists made their final decision by voting Starsamm as the Vyb session winner.

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