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Read Touching Story Of How A Man Left Russia To Become A Puff-Puff Seller In Enugu



Nwaeze Ndubuisi, a returnee from Russia, now works as a street puff puff vendor. The young man had traveled to Russia in order to further his football career, but he had not been successful.

Things didn’t go well for him in Russia, where he moved in 2018, and he was flown back to Nigeria by the Russian government after two years, he told in an exclusive interview.

Ndubuisi said he tried his hand at a number of low-paying jobs, including working at a car wash. He used to be a poultry farmer before something went wrong.

According to him, his village people had crippled him because of his poultry farm, and this had a negative impact on the company.

He received N100,000 from a family friend to start the puff company.

Ndubuisi, who works in Enugu, claims to have made a million naira from his company.

If he hasn’t left the country yet, the man who still dreams of discovering greener pastures abroad says the puff company isn’t his final stop and that he hopes to invest in other more lucrative projects.


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