Rachel More Oshodi Launches Ruwah, a Fintech Solution designed to educate Africa’s Youth about Financial Literacy

In recent Years, the continent has seen an emergence of Companies that have brought personal finance to Africa and started addressing the problem of Financial Literacy. However, none are targeting children specifically.

That is where Ruwah comes in. Founded by former investment banker turned tech entrepreneur, Rachel More Oshodi, Ruwah is a comprehensive financial literacy program that aims to reduce the knowledge and opportunity gap that exists between kids in Africa and the rest of the world.

The newly launched platform aims to teach African kids and teenagers between 7 to 18 years, the knowledge and skills that they need to succeed financially later in life.

The program also has a data analytics and reporting platform that helps administrators track student progress and analyse the performance of the program. This platform is built using data visualization and business intelligence tools.

Finally, RUWAH has a cloud-based infrastructure that ensures high availability and scalability of the system. The system is hosted on AWS and uses technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes to ensure seamless deployments and upgrades. Together, these technologies enable the online platform to offer flexible and accessible learning for students, while the pocket money app provides an easy way for students to manage their finances and track their spending.

Ruwah is leveraging technology to make the innovative program accessible to most children in Africa where mobile penetration continues to be on the rise.

To find out more about Ruwah, check out the cover interview by leading business platform Fast Company here:

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