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Only Church Investments, Believers Surviving In Nigerian Economy – Bishop Oyedepo

Only church investments, according to Winners Chapel Bishop David Oyedepo, are currently surviving in the Nigerian economy.

According to Oyedepo, church investments are going well because no incorrect additions have been made.

On Sunday, the pastor told his congregation that other businesses and investments might be made to appear prosperous when they are not.

In Nigeria, “believers” are doing well in the labor market, according to Oyedepo.

He said: “Remove the products of revival from Nigeria economy, there is nothing remaining.

“Let me say this and I am saying this very boldly; the only thing remaining in Nigeria today are the investments of God’s people. The only one.

“You know the other people are busy killing themselves. No plan, no purpose, no forward-looking.

“Check all the employers of labour today in this country, authentic, not manipulated stuff. They are believers.

“Those are products of a revival. Unleashing financial fortune to advance his Kingdom.

“That is why your Church will be building rural Churches and at the same time building the Ark and building every other thing that is coming around.”

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