Olumba Olumba Announces Posthumous Appointment For Late Queen Elizabeth II

His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, a well-known spiritual figure, has announced a posthumous appointment for the late Elizabeth II, the former Queen of England.

He announced to his sizable audience that the late Queen had received a posthumous appointment as a Senior Christ Servant.

The appointment was made by the spiritual leader during a Sunday Service held at the Calabar location of his Organization’s global headquarters.

He recounted the countless international peace initiatives the late Queen supported over her 70-year reign and claimed she upheld the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He praised her efforts for ensuring peace in many of the nations and territories where she served as head of state, as well as in the Commonwealth nations.

He said, “Because the late Queen pursued the ideals of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout her reign, ensuring that peace and unity were championed, my Father had appointed her Senior Christ’s Servant. I am reaffirming the appointment.

“We pray for the success of her successor, her first son, King Charles III. We pray that he continues in the good works of his late mother. We pray for the unity and peaceful coexistence of all nations, irrespective of faith and ideology.”

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