Obidients defend poor attendance at LP rally in Lokoja, fires Reno Omokri

Many on social media have been reacting to the disappointing turn-out of the Labour Party rally which was held in Lokoja, the capital of Kogi State.

While many expected a large turnout at the Lokoja Confluence Town Stadium, the attendance was disappointing.

The Labour Party had decried the lack of support from the Kogi State Government after it alleged the state government denied it from using the stadium.

An aerial view showed that the stadium was scanty.

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Reno Omokri said in his Instagram page: “What a massive turnout for Peter Obi and the Labour Party in Kogi. 2023 is sure for Obi. Nothing can stop him from becoming President of the Federal Republic of Twitter!”

See how Nigerians reacted:

wale.paige said: “There is a clear difference from an ORGANIC gathering and a paid crowd who knows if this picture was taken when the even just started sef…even if they’re not up to this… this isn’t a yardstick to victory 2023 #you go see am, you go won cry, but u wouldn’t cry because OBI would still help you last last from ur exile. #stay Happy always”

afewilliams_zeal commented: “Sir Reno, I never imagined you will stoop so low to this level of pettiness. I must say I am really disappointed. I do hope you can find some relevance again after the elections because am never taking you serious again.

“You brag of being rich and comfortable, but know that you are destroying your legacy. Is the money Atiku paying you really worth destroying your legacy over? I wish you all the best Sir. God bless you. God bless Nigeria.”

marvinmurphy001 said: “Reno bp just Dey high everyday”

callme_legacy commented: “Mr Reno did Peter Obi steal your kidney? Cos I don’t understand this ranting all the time… Election is not war support your candidate in peace and leave Peter alone.”

social_sleeks wrote: “Reno u didn’t post Lagos campaign for atiku, that atiku rally in Lagos was far worse than this get it clear I live in Lagos and I was there at TBS even heard some women saying they refused to pay them mobilisation fee”

baba.tee_20 commented: “Oga Reno are you not tired of all this write up? To be honest people don’t take you serious anymore”

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