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Obaseki has good plans for Edo on paper, nothing on ground— Hosa Okunbo

Edo State-born business magnate, and philanthropist, Captain Hosa Okunbor, has said Governor Godwin Obaseki has good plans for the state. But that everything was on paper and nothing on ground.

“All those packages that he presented, none was done. I learned most of them were all on paper and they continue to be on paper and consultancy services attached to most of them.

“Of course, as we speak, most of those projects are not on ground and I can’t be deceived. Some can be deceived but I cannot.”

Hosa Okunbo also accused the governor of propaganda, with which he had deceived Edo the Diaspora.

His words: “A situation where you have 600 children packed in a room, selling propaganda on social media of projects that are not there, is appalling.

“That is why most of our brothers in the Diaspora are sold on his agenda, but they do not know that most of those projects are just not on the ground.

“You can’t continue selling propaganda because when you tell lies continuously it becomes truth in some peoples’ ears.

“You sell propaganda; you impoverished them and then when it is election time, you now throw corns at them and tell them to see white and call it black. I will not allow that in a society I grew up in.

“I don’t live permanently in Benin, but I have always retraced my steps to my home because there is a saying that a child that doesn’t remember where he comes from is lost.

“I am completely in touch with my environment back home. I know that is where I am from and whatever I can do to relate with my people, I always do.”

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