Nigerians On Social Media Abuse Hell Out Of Me, Give Me High Blood Pressure — Tinubu

Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress candidate for the forthcoming 2023 presidential election, claims he no longer follows popular topics on social media as a result of the nasty and abusive responses he receives from Nigerians.

The APC candidate claimed in a video that NEWS DIRECT saw that Mr. Tinubu was addressing a group of people that he had to stop speaking because of high blood pressure brought on by keeping up with developments that are relevant to him on social media.

“I don’t need social media anymore. They abused the hell out of me. If I read it, I will have high blood pressure and I get angry so I don’t read it. If I want to hear anything, my children or any of my workers will inform me about what people are saying,” he said.

Mr. Tinubu claimed that he now relies on his children and employees to keep him informed about current events.

Following his presidential campaign, the former Lagos governor has received harsh criticism from a variety of public groups, particularly on social media.

Enmeshed in several scandals, Mr Tinubu has been accused of falsifying his age; his academic qualifications and work history have also come under scrutiny.

Since his time as governor of Lagos, Mr Tinubu has faced backlash for his involvement in drug trafficking during his time in early 1990s Chicago, United States.

Mr Tinubu’s encounter with American authorities over allegations of narcotics trafficking and money laundering led to his forfeiture of the proceeds of the crime to the U.S. government.

Though he’s since maintained his innocence and denied any allegations of wrongdoing, recently released fresh documents by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois has renewed intense public ridicule against Mr Tinubu’s character.

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