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Moment Former President, Obasanjo Commands Oyo Monarchs to Stand Up and Greet Him In An Event [VIDEO]

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo caused a stir at the inauguration of the 34.85km Oyo-Iseyin road in Oyo State today.

Obasanjo, who had been invited to the commissioning by Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde, instructed the royal leaders to rise and greet him when he was given the opportunity to speak.

Looking angered, Obasanjo made commanding gestures, calling upon the traditional rulers to stand, and they complied.

This incident drew criticism on social media, with some accusing Obasanjo of showing disrespect to the traditional rulers.

During his address, Obasanjo urged leaders at all levels to embrace a form of democracy that promotes prosperity rather than one that inflicts suffering on the people.

He stated, “We must discard a form of democracy that perpetuates poverty, insecurity, and unemployment, and instead prioritize the people’s enjoyment of the dividends of democracy.”

Watch the video of the incident below:

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