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Media Publications By Clueless Ex-agitaors Sponsored, Intended To Tarnish Ndiomu’s Image – NDIG

Our attention has been drawn to series of media publications co-signed by one over bearing Dr. Tams Odogwu, P.hD, who claims to be a “critical stakeholder” of Phase 3 of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP).

The Niger Delta Integrity Group (NDIG) regrets that issues raised in the said publications are ludicrous and gibberish. The authors are only on a sponsored voyage to tarnish the image of the PAP Interim Administrator, Major General Barry Ndiomu (retd).

On several occasions, the leadership of the PAP has explained satisfactorily while it embarked on the cleansing of the payroll data for ex-agitators, which is part of the massive reforms undertaken to sanitize the system and make it work for all genuine delegates and beneficiaries of the scheme.

We therefore wonder why the likes of Odogwu will continue in their campaign of calumny and slander. From their actions it has become obvious their level of involvement in the alleged organized crime of multiple accounts scam.

But what beats our imagination is how ungrateful Odogwu in particular is. By every reason, Tams Odogwu is meant to have exited the PAP having benefitted immensley from it in achieving his dream and desire of obtaining a Doctorate Degree with other trainings and certifications.

Odogwu, should be grateful to the PAP for sponsoring him from start to finish in his doctoral academic pursuit which was fully realized late last year at the Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State.

Still insisting on 65,000 monthly stipend rather than putting his doctorate degree to good use and make a sustainable livelihood easily define his short-sighted character and personality.

We call on the leadership of the PAP to take urgent action against Odogwu by ensuring that he is not only completely delisted from its payroll but handed over to security agencies for acts of civil disturbance and disobidence. Enough is enough!

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