Many Gunned Down As Rival Terrorist Groups Engage In Bloody Clash

Two rival terrorist groups under the leadership of Bello Kaura and Kachalla Najaja engaged in a violent clash on Saturday, May 11, near Sunke Forest in Anka Local Government Area of Zamfara State, in north-west Nigeria.

The intense three-hour gun battle between the two factions resulted in the deaths of 23 terrorists involved in the confrontation.

Kaura and Najaja, the leaders of the respective bandit groups, physically confronted each other in the Sunke forest, exchanging heavy gunfire.

Kaura’s group successfully repelled Najaja’s attackers, forcing them to retreat through the Gandu forest in the Bukuyum area of the state.

Eyewitnesses in the area reported the deadly skirmish that claimed numerous lives and left many others wounded. Over the past four years, a significant number of residents have fled their villages due to their inability to meet the ransom and protection fees demanded by the terror leader, Bello Kaura.

Local sources revealed that Kaura was resisting Najaja’s encroachment on his territory, viewing the latter’s attacks on villages outside his domain in Anka as an unwarranted intrusion. Following the initial confrontation, Kaura’s group eliminated six terrorists affiliated with Najaja.

Subsequently, Najaja mobilised armed fighters to confront Kaura in the Sumke forest, resulting in the deaths of 17 terrorists loyal to Kaura in the Anka region.

Kaura has vowed to eliminate Najaja’s group, while the other faction is making arrangements for another major confrontation.

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