Man Who Invaded Jos Bank With Bomb Confesses

A teenager, Benjamin Basil, was apprehended by security forces at a bank in Jos, allegedly with items resembling bomb explosives, while attempting to rob the bank of N100 million.

Basil, a self-identified student of Plateau State Polytechnic, recounted his ordeal to PUNCH Online, stating, “My name is Benjamin Basil… When I asked them why I should raise my shirt, one of them told me that they would shoot me dead if I didn’t cooperate with them.” He claimed kidnappers coerced him into the act after abducting him near the Police Staff College in Jos.

“They (kidnappers) instructed me to raise my shirts. When I asked them why I should raise my shirt, one of them told me that they would shoot me dead if I didn’t cooperate with them. I raised my hands and after a while, they told me that what they just wrapped up my waist was a suicide bomb. They searched me and took my phone and money and after a while, they gave it back to me. Thereafter, they told me that they would take me to the bank handed over two bags to me and instructed me to bring N100m.

“They said they will be waiting for me at the gate of the bank and that if I don’t do it, they will just shoot me dead. At this point, I wrote it down and they took advantage of the situation and that I should inform the bank cashier that I was wrapped with a suicide bomb and that 12 of their men were waiting outside with AK 47 to confront anyone in case the cashier calls for help.”

However, Emmanuel Olugbenga, the Commissioner of Police, revealed that the items Basil carried were not actual explosives. The commissioner assured ongoing investigations into the incident and stated that charges would be brought against the suspects upon completion.

“The case is currently under investigation at the state CID, to ascertain the validity of his claims and arrest possible suspects,” the commissioner stated.

He commended the citizens of Plateau State for their cooperation with law enforcement, providing crucial information that aids in maintaining peace and security.

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