Insecurity: Abia Officers Go Spiritual, Place At Police Station

A deity-like object (juju) has been placed at a checkpoint in Umuahia, the state capital, by the Nigerian police in Abia in an unusual technique of combating crime.

The device was put near the Central Police Station (CPS) in Umuahia, at the St. Finbarr’s/Bende Road Junction.

When the Daily Sun visited the spot, a police officer was seen posing with the juju, while other officers were stationed strategically around the junction, armed to the teeth.

Unknown gunmen who have recently been burning police formations and killing officers were found to be wearing juju brackets, also known as ‘Odeshi’ in the local slang, on their waists, according to investigations.

Investigations revealed that unknown gunmen who, of late, have been burning police formations and killing policemen, were reported to be wearing juju brackets, popularly known as ‘Odeshi’ in the local parlance, on their waist, which allegedly prevent bullets from piercing their bodies.

It was, perhaps, in an effort to neutralise the perceived efficacy of the unknown gunmen’s odeshi that the police acquired theirs.

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