I have what it takes to succeed Buhari as Nigeria’s president — Accord party’s candidate, Prof Imumolen

Accord party’s presidential candidate, Professor Christopher Imumolen is in no doubt he has what it takes to become Nigeria’s next president.

The country’s youngest presidential candidate strongly believes he can rescue Nigeria from it’s current free fall into ignominy and return her to the path of sustainable growth if he gets the mandate of the people in next year’s general elections.
The renowned scholar and entrepreneur feels he can conveniently take over the reins of government from outgoing president, Muhammadu Buhari next year because he is not only qualified, but competent to do the job.
“I think I am good enough to succeed Muhammadu Buhari as Nigeria’s next president because I am qualified and competent to do the job,” Professor Imumolen said during a Television Continental (TVC) interview early this week.
“My track record in over 15 years of private and public life speaks of service to humanity in form of concrete efforts and personal sacrifices made to better the lot of the oppressed, downtrodden and underprivileged in Nigeria.
“That essential ingredient of wanting to positively affect humanity through service, more in deeds than in mere words, is what stands me head and shoulders above my co-aspirants in the race for the country’s topmost job come 2023.
“Contrary to what some uninformed persons say, I am not a neophyte nor a first-timer in rendering altruistic services to mankind, using my God-given endowments and resources.
“I have deliberately built an impressive profile of social entrepreneurship that has won me recognitions from far and near, politics or not.
“Upon that platform of service is what I am standing to offer myself to Nigerians as the clock ticks inexorably towards what appears a destiny-defining general elections in just over 70 days from now.
“And as I have said already in different forums before now, I am that breath of fresh air that Nigeria needs at this material time in our history.
“My candidacy presents to Nigerians that unique opportunity to vote freshness and newness to replace what has been a thick cloud of stagnation and retrogression that has hovered around us as nation for too long,” he said.

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