I Don’t Have ‘Soap’ To Cut For Anybody – Obi Cubana

Obi Iyiegbu, better known as Obi Cubana, the chairman of the Cubana Group, says he doesn’t have any “soap” to cut for anyone.

In an interview with BBC News Pidgin on Tuesday, Cubana exhorted young people to work hard and earn a better life.

In Nigerian social circles, the term “soap” is used to describe youths’ ritualistic inclinations. In an era of get-rich-quick schemes, young people involved in fraud and other illegal activities turn to charms to bolster their criminal enterprise. When someone says, “cut soap for me,” they simply mean, “teach me how to get rich” or “take me to a ritualist.”

Cubana had a lavish burial for his mother, according to the PUNCH. He’s been a social media sensation and the talk of the town for days, especially after the ‘naira rain’ at an event in Oba, Anambra State’s Idemili South Local Government Area, last weekend. Several videos have gone viral showing celebrities, business leaders, and politicians spraying money everywhere during a concert held after the deceased’s interment.

Many young people have taken to social media to praise the nightclub owner, pleading with him to “cut soap” for them.

During the interview, Cubana, 46, condemned money rituals and urged young people to work hard to earn their money legally.

He also emphasized the importance of prayer, God, hard effort, and investing in a good group of friends.

“We didn’t plan for one-fifth of the crowd at the funeral,” he said. “But see what happened at the burial. People have been saying that Obi Cubana has money, which money? They need to know people who have money in Anambra and in Nigeria. It is not about money but goodwill. What happened that day, money can’t buy it. See the mammoth crowd, yet nobody was raped, no car was stolen and no one was attacked. It can only be God.”

Cubana said he believes in fasting and prayer for spiritual fortification and not rituals. “I do pray before I leave the house. I pray because if you don’t pray your body will be naked and prone to different attacks,” he said.

Advising youths, he said, “If you are in your 20s, work now. I am 46 years (old), I have done my first half. I don’t know why someone who is just 20 years (old) will say he has not made it when he still has 50 years 60 years ahead.

“There is no soap to cut for anybody, there is no soap anywhere, work, pray, be good, make your own soap.”

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