How to switch to the official WhatsApp app

WhatsApp recently started placing temporary ban on accounts that use third-party versions, like WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp, of the instant messaging app.

The Facebook-owned app made this known in a frequently asked questions (FAQ) it posted recently.

How to switch to the official WhatsApp app

You might need to backup your chat history before moving to the official WhatsApp app.

The name of the unsupported app you’re using determines whether you need to transfer your chat history.

Locate the name of the app by tapping More Options > Settings > Help > App info.

Follow the steps below based on the name of the app: WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp.

If you’re using an app other than WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp, we recommend saving your chat history before downloading the official WhatsApp app.

GB WhatsApp

We recommend following the steps below to save and transfer your chat history. Failure to follow these steps could result in lost chat history.

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