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How dispute between Patrick Ononenyi Okonkwo and Eletu Odibo Royal family started

Social media and the internet were awashed this weekend by reports of a 15-year dispute over three plots of land measuring 1,700 square meters in Osapa Eti Osa between Patrick Ononenyi Okonkwo and Chief Waheed Eletu Odibo, a Lagos Whitecap chief and the prince of the Eletu Odibo royal Family.

Patrick Ononenyi Okonkwo a Lagos-based businessman claimed the Eletu Odibo royal family tried to defraud him of 250,000 hectares of land in lekki.

His associates also claimed on his behalf that Mr Yemi Idowu, a respected property developer had colluded with Prince Eletu Odibo to prevent him from claiming the three plots land.

These claims were refuted by the Eletu Odibo royal family and Yemi Idowu this weekend through press releases.

Reports confirm that the dispute between Mr Patrick Ononenyi Okonkwo and The Eletu Odibo royal family has been in court for years and Yemi Idowu is not a party in the court case.

Yemi Idowu this weekend said he would commence legal action against the parties involved in tarnishing his image.

“Social Media should be a cause for good and freedom of Information but some crooks are determined to ruin it for others ” he said

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