“He thinks we won’t survive” – Single mum chases away man who abandoned her and baby for years; shares transformation photo

A Nigerian single mother has captured the hearts of many with her transformation post photo, documenting her journey from tough times to triumph.

The user, identified as @SimplyKittan, shared a poignant before-and-after transformation that resonated deeply with many online.

The compelling TikTok post featured a nostalgic throwback image of @SimplyKittan backing her baby, depicting a challenging period in her life.

The subsequent image showcased the mother and child wearing a elegant outfits, illustrating a stark transformation that left many in awe.

What made the story even more compelling was @SimplyKittan’s revelation in the post’s caption.

She disclosed that the same man who had previously kicked her out, along with her baby, now expressed a desire to bring them back into his life.

“The woman he chased out, the woman he wants back now,” the video caption read.

Netizens Reactions…

@Coded reacted; “Thank God for life.”

@Terri bad replied; “Wow beautiful.”

@Ayobamiwale wrote; “Wow want back bawo.

@Sweetlurlacollections commented; “Wow I’m super proud of you.”

@Oluwakomiyo reacted; “No gree ooo no go back ooo.”

@Kerrymore said; “Want back bawo.”

@zeynaab_zee added; “Come back ko bako ni. He is just playing.”

@Olivia said; “Wow.”

@Olami reacted; “The break was too long and the delusions wore off now, so we don’t want him again.”

@Lovediary said; “You will not labour in vain.” 

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