Ex-Minister Loses Only Son

he was in his 20s according to information available.

A former Minister has lost his only son.

The bereaved is Abdulrahman Hassan Gimba, the former Minister for Youths and Sports.

He just lost his son, Fraid Hassan Gimba.

The former Minister’s son died while battling illness – he was in his 20s according to information available.

“You have done your best to give him a good life despite his health challenges. Allah has chosen to end Farid’s suffering on earth here, be comforted” Governor of Niger State, Mohammed Bago condoled the former Minister in a condolence message while urging him to be “strong”.

The Governor urged “the parents of the deceased to take solace in Allah who is the ultimate determiner and happenings in one’s life.”.

The Niger Governor is an in-law to former Minister Hassan Gimba.

The Governor’s wife, Hajiya Fatima Mohammed Bago is the younger sister to Jummai Amina Gimba, the ex-minister’s wife and mother of the deceased.

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